Music Talks: Discussions on Music Education

Episode 5 - Black Music Matters

July 22, 2020

While social unrest, police brutality, and acts of racism continue to plague our nation, we at Music Talks decided to combat hate with music. Specifically, the music of black composers, educators, and performers. This episode's topic: Black Music Matters. Conversations with black musicians, and the stories behind their music. Special guests for this episode include Dr. Marques Garrett, Dr. Chandler Wilson, and Ms. Nicole Yarling. Click the links below to check out their music, as well as resources that promote the music of underrepresented composers.


Music from Our Guests

Dr. Marques Garrett

"Hold On"


"Invitation to Love"


Dr. Chandler Wilson

"Suite Forty-Four"


Nicole Yarling

"Joe Williams Presents Nicole Yarling"


"Jazz Encounters ft. Nicole Yarling (July 10, 2015)"


Resources for Music by Underrepresented Composers

Institute for Composer Diversity


Music by Black Composers


...And We Were Heard

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